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  • Absolutely a must for any player! Thanks for creating a masterpiece! Great value! ~P.Therrien, Ellington, CT 

  • Even us old-timers can learn a new trick. Thanks. ~J. Fuller, Riverside, Ca. 

  • AWESOME... Playing 15yrs & now it's back to school! THANX ~J. Bousalim, Sydney, Australia 


Fretboard Mastery of Chords and Scales on the Entire Neck

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  • Will make you think differently about chord positionings and fingerings. ~Daniel Arganda

  • MARKO IS A GENIUS ~ (Easy CAGED) is awesome. Shows you the practical application of what is taught. Most videos only cover the topic but don't actually show you how to apply it. Marko does not disappoint. If you want to learn every position on the fretboard and what keys to use when soloing, this DVD is for you. I highly recommend it for beginners to intermediate guitar players. ~Kyle F.


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  • WORTH EVERY PENNY ~ Great and presents a lot of information. Laid out in a way that makes them very easy to look up a subject and see it explained in detail. ~ Amazon Review

  • A MUST FOR ALL GUITARISTS!!! ~ Taught me exactily what i wanted to know! HOW TO GET AWAY FROM BAR/POWER CHORDS AND EVEN OPEN CHORDS. It teaches you in very easy ways how to use the CAGED method ...the best guitar playing methods I have ever come across. Just phenominal! After the first 30 minutes of this dvd you can play every basic chord (ABCDEFG) in 5 dufferent places allowing you to make some really cool stuff! So in a nutshell, this DVD is a must have for any guitarist i highly recommend it to anyone no matter what style of music you play. ~ Kobie Huff, Huntington, IN

Buy the full-length DVD here.

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