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  • Absolutely a must for any player! Thanks for creating a masterpiece! Great value! ~P.Therrien, Ellington, CT 

  • Even us old-timers can learn a new trick. Thanks. ~J. Fuller, Riverside, Ca. 

  • AWESOME... Playing 15yrs & now it's back to school! THANX ~J. Bousalim, Sydney, Australia 


Phrase By Phrase Guitar Method

How to play Seek and Destroy by Metallica on guitar.

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  • TEACHES METALLICA COMPLETELY ~ well done and slow enough to absorb each part. You will get a lot out of this ~ Steeler Man(58)

  • IT'S GOOD! ~ I want to remember what I learned and not spend a bunch of time going back to remember parts. This small chunk approach is great. I can stop and come back the next day and pick up right where I left off.  ~ TMAN (amazon review)

  • AMAZING ~ Got for 9 yr son who loves Metallica and wanted to learn guitar. I was afraid it'd be too hard for him, but this DVD sparked him to learn more. It was a great purchase, and it boosted his will to learn guitar. He knows these songs better than I do now and I go to him with questions. ~ Kayla

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Learn For Whom The Bell Tolls by Metallica on guitar.

  • METALLICA MADE EASY---ER! ~ This is a great way to learn Metallica. The lessons are great and well taught. I never tried to play Metallica before. I always thought it would be way too hard for me as an intermediate player. I was wrong. Though not "simple", it's really not as hard as I had once believed. Everything is there, even a breakdown of the solos. Wish they made more of these Phrase by Phrase DVD's.  ~ Ron Jon

  • FAST PACED, BUT THOROUGH ~ ...materials have really skyrocketed my playing and fretboard vocabulary. Thanks  again!!!! ~ M Rodriguez, Baltimore, MD

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How to play Fade To Black by Metallica on guitar.

Phrase By Phrase Guitar Method: Classic Metallica

Watch for FREE on this page, or BUY the full-length DVD for only $20.00 here.

Learn what it's really like to play guitar for Metallica.


This edition of MJS Music Publications Phrase By Phrase explores the popular guitar styles of James Hetfield and Kirk Hammett from Metallica's Kill 'Em All, Ride The Lightning, Master Of Puppets and ...And Justice For All albums. Learn the most intricate details of Metallica's impressive guitar style, while improving your own playing and creativity.


The Phrase By Phrase Guitar Method by Marko Coconut explores some of the greatest guitarists of all time, breaking their complex styles into simple, recognizable phrases. Thorough, easy-to-understand descriptions teach proper finger placement and technique, followed by half-speed practice tempos and combined sections that are played at full speed.

Learn Master Of Puppets by Metallica on guitar.

All the leads, fills, guitar harmonies and rhythms, presented in the easy-to-follow Phrase By Phrase format.


Album: Kill 'Em All
"Seek And Destroy"

Album: Ride The Lighting
"For Whom The Bell Tolls"

"Fade To Black"

Album: Master Of Puppets
"Master Of Puppets"
"Welcome Home (Sanitarium)"

Album: ...And Justice For All
"Harvester Of Sorrow"

Produced by Phrase By Phrase, LLC ~ 2009. All Rights Reserved.

Watch for FREE on this page, or BUY the full-length DVD for only $20.00 here.

Learn Welcome Home (Sanitarium) by Metallica on guitar.
  • Don't think twice, just order it! ~ I'm only an intermediate level player and I find this DVD very helpful I wouldn't otherwise learn as fast as I have. What I like best about Marko "Coconut" Sternal DVDs is his instructions on different techniques and especially the 75% slowed down versions of the phrases which I have looped and play along until I nail it and then move on. I also have the phrase by phrase Led Zeppelin and Van Halen DVDs. I hope this review was helpful ~ John Tielman

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How to play One by Metallica on guitar.
  • GREAT DVD! ~ I love Metallica and they are why I play guitar. I was worried that this video wasn't going to be that good but this video is great. Buy it!

I had the in-the-style-of Metallica VHS and it was fake. This video is really how to play Metallica songs and the songs chosen are my favorites:


Seek and Destroy, For Whom the Bell Tolls, Fade to Black, Master of Puppets, Sanitarium, One, and Harvester of Sorrow. ~ J. August

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How to play Harvester of Sorrow by Metallica on guitar.
  • METALLICAN..... ~ This is one of my dream come true DVDS. I really thank Marko "Coconut" Sternal for creating this DVD which contains my favorite songs like "Fade to Black" & "Master of Puppets" which are the songs I always wished to learn. It saves a lot of time which I might have spent by looking at tablature books, reading and understanding. It's really cool. I suggest this product for all the Metallica fans. Enjoy ~ Nathan Visuva

Watch for FREE on this page, or BUY the full-length DVD for only $20.00 here.

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