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  • Absolutely a must for any player! Thanks for creating a masterpiece! Great value! ~P.Therrien, Ellington, CT 

  • Even us old-timers can learn a new trick. Thanks. ~J. Fuller, Riverside, Ca. 

  • AWESOME... Playing 15yrs & now it's back to school! THANX ~J. Bousalim, Sydney, Australia 


Rhythm and Lead Guitar Lessons: Beginner to Intermediate

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  • Much more than power chords. You'll learn many "riffs", "solos", and "hammer-ons" used in modern rock songs.  ~ Johnston Owl

  • BEST THING I'VE FOUND ~ I love this! You're not intended to do everything perfectly the first time, so don't expect it. You're suggested to leave the video playing even if you mess up and try to learn what you can. The second, third, fourth time through the DVD, you'll notice you're getting a LOT better. Very helpful! ~ Kim Bish

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  • EXCELLENT VIDEO !!! GREAT VALUE !!! ~ "...easy to understand, logical terms that many musicians and students of music can grasp... ~ Rocky Weeks, B.A. of Music from University of Arkansas at Little Rock 

  • FAST PACED, BUT THOROUGH ~ ...I thoroughly enjoy learning from you... I recommend it the highest to anyone I hear wanting to learn guitar. I think this is the strongest and best teaching method I have ever seen. I've played off and on, (more off than on) for over 20 years, but never did such clarity come to me on the finger board. Thanks so much for the valuable lessons. ~ Mark Dingemans

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EASY ROCK GUITAR: Rhythm and Lead Guitar Lessons: Beginner to Intermediate

Watch for FREE on this page, or buy the Buy the full-length DVD for only $12.95 here.

So you want to rock and you want to ROCK RIGHT NOW! You are just starting out, or you have had some experience with the guitar but it s not moving along as fast as you would like, is that correct?

If this describes you, then pop this DVD in, press play and grab your Six String! Learning to play Rock Guitar has never, ever been easier! The Marko Coconut Easy Rock Guitar DVD starts with a complete beginner section, allowing you to learn fundamental basics, starting with hands free lessons, introducing rock guitar tricks and skills as you add fingers to the fretboard with each new technique. It s the easiest way to build up individual finger strength while learning the basics of Rock Guitar!

...Or, if you re an experienced player, you can skip ahead to a section that matches your current ability. Overall, this progressive method covers Power Chords, Quarter Note to Sixteenth Note rhythm and lead sections. Scales and Riffs that include the use of rock guitar techniques such as Palm Mutes, Hammer Ons and Pull Offs, String Bends and Vibrato! Song Structure that teaches you to play and write guitar rhythm and solo sections in all positions on the neck. There are a total of 9 sections, each piecing together rock guitar songs which you can practice at slow, medium and fast speeds. All of this equals one thing... Easy Rock Guitar DVD is the perfect way for you to learn to play like a Rock Star at your own pace!

Watch for FREE on this page, or buy the Buy the full-length DVD for only $12.95 here.

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