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“To perform, teach and share happiness with my music is the greatest gift I have to give back to this beautiful world. I am truly blessed!” ~ Marko Coconut

Marko Coconut can be found performing at beach resorts, tiki bars and waterfront venues in Florida nearly every day of the year. Enjoy the beachy vibes of Marko Coconut, live in concert. Click here to find a show.

Let Me See (LMS) is the most recent original single by Marko Coconut. LMS is a fun song about a crazy yo-yo relationship full of break-ups and make-ups. LMS was recorded with legendary producer Ron Nevison, (Kiss, Ozzy, Led Zeppelin, and many more).


Download Marko Coconut music here:

Marko performs all of the guitars and vocals on Let Me See. Jerome Robinson is back on bass guitar. Daniel J Gallardo plays drums. Johnny "Flaco" Diaz is playing all of that funky percussion. The music video was filmed by Mark Zemil. Edited by Marko Coconut. Produced by Darlena Chiem. Starring Ameilia "Millie" Schade.

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