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The key that will open the door to Total Bass Guitar Mastery...

Total is the key word... every position on the fingerboard, in every key, and different ways to use them. -Bass Player Magazine

A complete course for beginner through dedicated professional.

Using easy-to-remember shapes found in every musical key, you will learn to expertly play scales, bass lines and fills on the entire fretboard... plus all of the tricks and techniques used by the worlds greatest bass players: hammer ons, pull offs, picking patterns, vibrato, string bending, slides, two hand tapping, and much more.

For beginner to expert... every position on the guitar and all the ways to use them... -Music Connection Magazine

Advanced Features: Increment patterns, string skipping, double note patterns (harmony), harmonics, scale notes as chords and song writing tips.

To wrap up this amazing instructional DVD, Marko Coconut teaches you all of the modes, key changes, plus 50 exotic and cultural scales that will truly enhance your playing.

Whether you play rock, metal, blues, jazz, country or any other style of music, it s pretty much guaranteed that there s a scale for you... -Doug Coy, Observer Editor, New York

BASS GUITAR DVD: Total Scales, Techniques and Applications

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