Learn what it is really like to play guitar for Led Zeppelin!

This issue of Phrase By PhraseTM explores the popular guitar style of Jimmy Page from the Led Zeppelin albums I, II, III, IV, Houses of the Holy and Physical Graffiti. Learn the most intricate details of the impressive guitar work of Jimmy Page, covering solos, rhythms, overdubs and variations all while improving your own playing and creativity!

01 Immigrant Song
02 What Is And What Should Never Be - Featured Slide Guitar Lesson
03 Thank You - Exclusive Acoustic Solo Lesson
04 Black Country Woman - Exclusive Alternate Tuning Lesson
05 Good Times Bad Times
06 Stairway To Heaven - Featured Finger Picking Lesson
07 Houses Of The Holy
08 The Ocean
09 Over The Hills And Far Away
10 Black Dog

The Phrase By PhraseTM Guitar Method explores some of the greatest guitarists of all time, breaking their complex styles into simple, recognizable phrases. Thorough, easy-to-understand descriptions teach proper finger placement and technique, followed by half-speed practice tempos and combined sections that are played at full speed.

Runtime: Over 4 Jam-Packed Hours!
Only $24.95!


About the author:

Expert Guitar Instructor Marko Coconut is the author of over 30 best selling titles.

Phrase By Phrase Guitar Method - Led Zeppelin: Jimmy Page's Iconic Guitar Style


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