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The Tiki Torch Still Shines

60 familiar beach venues appear in Marko Coconut’s new music video for TGTBO, which is an acronym for Thank God The Tiki Bar Is Open. Marko has toured the beaches of Florida for the past 18 months and TGTBO has become his signature song to many fans.

The song was originally released by John Hiatt in 2001, (former Jimmy Buffett guitarist). Marko Coconut put his own creative spin on the song, rewriting some lyrics and orchestration with a very memorable guitar riff.

Marko Coconut can be found performing at beach resorts, tiki bars and waterfront venues in Florida nearly every day of the year. At his solo or duo performances, Marko will be strumming his acoustic guitar.

For the band, identified as Marko and the Coconuts, you’ll find him playing an electric guitar, specifically a custom-built Fender Stratocaster. No matter which show you catch, (solo, duo or full band), you can be sure to hear TGTBO!


Florida's Trop-Rock Superstar


MARKO and the COCONUTS Full Band

Enjoy the beachy vibes of Marko Coconut, live in concert.

…Performing original music and beach favorites by Bob Marley, Kenny Chesney, Zac Brown, Jimmy Buffett and more.

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Once seen, never forgotten. Find out why people are calling Marko Coconut Florida’s next Jimmy Buffett.

Marko Coconut ~ the sound of Florida Beaches!

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