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10/17/2023 PRESS RELEASE

Anthem For Anons

Marko Coconut is a long-time Florida beach musician, MAGA J6-er, Father, Author and Educator.


Breaking away from his bright, sunny beach theme, Marko’s latest song is a patriotic message of hope. It can very well be the anthem for Anons across the world. The new song is titled RED PILL (where we go one...) and is lyrically packed with Q ear candy. 

Coconut has been humming the opening lines “where we go one we go all” for well over a year. He states that besides those words and his melody, all attempts to write the song failed. “Nothing seemed to fit. A lot seemed forced.” That all changed after President Trumps 4th indictment. Marko says that’s when the song immediately took form. A light went on in his head and he realized, “We’ve already won!” Which became the lead-in line for the song’s chorus. 

The song is a RED PILL for RED OCTOBER 2023 and is currently available on all streaming and downloadable music platforms. RED PILL was engineered by music producer Matt Dougherty who has worked with Disturbed, Staind and Megadeth. The song clocks in at 3:59 which added together gives us 17, as in Q, the 17th letter of the alphabet. 

The music video features a band performance, a Q post theme, and several screen shots of Patriot podcasters and influencers who Marko Coconut hand picked to include. The outro chorus includes voice-overs by several podcasters who you might easily recognize.

So what makes a Florida beach musician change his theme? In the songwriter’s own words, “I cannot wait to go back to writing and performing beach music. But right now, the world is in such a dark place, people are starving for truth and light and hope. Q and the Anons who have brought us alternative, trustworthy media, are what have kept me sane through the past few years. This song is for them. It is for the part-time dabblers and full time Anons. And if the “normies” like it, it is for them too. In which case, I hope they start digging because the sooner we are awake as a race, the sooner we can put an end to our slavery. WWG1WGA.”

To hear the song and watch the official music video for RED PILL (where we go one...) by Marko Coconut, visit or click the red pill...

RED PILL (where we go one...) Lyrics 

Where we go one we go all.

We've already won (RED PILL)  
Nothing can stop what's to come (RED PILL) 
We are the calm before (RED PILL) 
We END you and your war (RED PILL)          

Ya see... We are the media now. We are the leaders now. We are The People now   ...Silenced no more!
Ya see... We let you dig your grave. On the crimes you made. We expose the same ...Truth evermore! 
Ya see... Future proves the past. We are there at last. Precipice... Knocking at your door!


We've already won (RED PILL) 
Nothing can stop what's to come (RED PILL)
We are the calm before (RED PILL) 
We END you and your war (RED PILL)
We let you dig your grave (RED PILL) 
Cover up the times you betrayed (RED PILL)
Future proves the past (RED PILL) 
We are there at last... 

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