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Jimi Hendrix Authorized Beginner Guitar Method DVD



I am the author and copyright owner of this DVD. When you order, I personally burn the full length DVD for you and ship it out same-day. We no longer manufacture these for retail, so this is the only way I have to supply the current demand for this title. Alternatively, you can find many of the lessons on my YouTube channel, but the full-length DVD contains much more content, and obviously no commercial breaks. You may also find them used, but in many cases they are selling for a much higher price than the original retail. By ordering here, you are supporting the original artist who created this DVD.




Watch video for full description and lesson demonstration sample. 


Jimi Hendrix is considered by many to be the greatest guitarist of all time. This Authentic Hendrix family-authorized video gives viewers a beginner method to learn to play guitar like Jimi. Using his signature guitar sounds and riffs, expert guitar instructor Marko “Coconut” Sternal will launch your guitar playing ability in the authentic style of Jimi Hendrix.


If you don't know the story, it's posted all over the internet. Gibson was going to release a "strat-style" Authentic Jimi Hendrix guitar package. They hired me to create a tutorial DVD to go along with the package. The Hendrix family pulled the plug on the entire project due to some negative feedback about Gibson releasing a Fender-style guitar.


The guitars never saw the light of day. Nor did my DVD... Until now. Get the full length, ad free DVD here.


The guitar is currently up for sale:

Easy Jimi Hendrix Authorized Beginner Guitar Method Disc Only

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