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SOLD BY THE AUTHOR: I am the author of this video. You also gain me as a teacher when you order. Along your journey of learning to play the guitar, you can email me with any questions or concerns. 



When I was producing the Phrase By Phrase Classic Van Halen video in 2009, I reached out to Van Halen's Management and they sent me an EVH Wolfgang prototype guitar to use exclusively. Eddie knew about our production of this DVD and in his own words, said what I was doing was very cool. 



  • This video expertly teaches you all of Eddie Van Halen's guitar parts to the song Ain't Talkin' 'Bout Love.
  • Each section is broken down to intricate detail, so even a complete beginner can learn to play guitar like Eddie Van Halen. 
  • Learn the "bite-sized" phrases, then play along and practice each section at slow and full speeds.
  • Bonus: Effects and Amp Settings
  • Eddie's Unique Tuning


Video Lesson Run Time: 30 minutes 32 seconds


FORMAT: Streaming

This streaming video lesson can only be accessed by one email address. At check out, please verify the email address you will use to sign in. Lifetime access.


Featured in: Rolling Stone, Guitar Player, Guitar World, Vintage Guitar


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