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Marko, directing and performing at the video shoot for Winds.

September, 2019 ~ Ikki Woo Woo's in Treasure Island, FL

Additional Information, (continued from Home Page):

A typical day in Marko’s life includes a run on the beach, fishing in the Gulf of Mexico and, of course, music. Music has always been central to Marko Coconut. He received his first “Bugs Bunny” Guitar when he was 3 and would often perform Elvis songs for his Grandma Verna. At age 6 his Aunt Brita started teaching him chords on a full size guitar. Marko received his first electric guitar as a Christmas gift from his parents when he was 12.


Professionally, Marko Coconut began performing and recording at age 15. A few years later, he started teaching music full-time and would eventually release several best-selling educational music books and DVDs as Mark John Sternal


Although Marko has never met Sting, a long distance relative once reached out to Marko stating that the superstar is a distant cousin.

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