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  • Absolutely a must for any player! Thanks for creating a masterpiece! Great value! ~P.Therrien, Ellington, CT 

  • Even us old-timers can learn a new trick. Thanks. ~J. Fuller, Riverside, Ca. 

  • AWESOME... Playing 15yrs & now it's back to school! THANX ~J. Bousalim, Sydney, Australia 


Authorized Beginner Guitar Method

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  • INVALUABLE LESSONS ~ Best lessons for beginners and those of us not so beginners! ~ GuardGuy (amazon review)

  • LEARNED A LOT FROM IT! ~ very informative video...  ~ Blaine H.

  • A VERY GREAT VIDEO ~ You will not be disappointed. Just buy it and see for yourself ~ GUITARMAN (amazon review)

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  • EXCELLENT VIDEO !!! GREAT VALUE !!! ~ There is some very good information presented on this DVD. IMO, with the concepts presented and practice, your lead guitar playing will improve. ~ Corv12, Phoenix, Az (musicians friend review)

  • FAST PACED, BUT THOROUGH ~ ...materials have really skyrocketed my playing and fretboard vocabulary. Thanks  again!!!! ~ M Rodriguez, Baltimore, MD

Buy the full-length DVD here.

EASY JIMI HENDRIX GUITAR DVD: Authorized Beginner Guitar Method

Watch for FREE on this page, or BUY the full-length DVD for only $12.95 here.

Learn what it takes to play guitar like Jimi Hendrix!


Jimi Hendrix is considered by many to be the greatest guitarist of all time. This Authentic Hendrix family-authorized video gives viewers a beginner method to learn to play guitar like Jimi. Using his signature guitar sounds and riffs, expert guitar instructor Marko “Coconut” Sternal will launch your guitar playing ability in the authentic style of Jimi Hendrix.

Back-Story: The Gibson guitar brand was going to release a "strat-style" Authentic Jimi Hendrix guitar package. They hired me to create a tutorial DVD to go along with the package. The Hendrix family pulled the plug on the entire project due to some negative feedback about Gibson releasing a Fender-style guitar.


The guitars never saw the light of day. Nor did my DVD... Until now. 

Watch for FREE on this page, or BUY the full-length DVD for only $12.95 here.

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