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I am the author and copyright owner of this DVD. When you order, I personally burn the full length DVD for you and ship it out same-day. We no longer manufacture these for retail, so this is the only way I have to supply the current demand for this title. Alternatively, you can find many of the lessons on my YouTube channel, but the full-length DVD contains much more content, and obviously no commercial breaks. You may also find them used, but in many cases they are selling for a much higher price than the original retail. By ordering here, you are supporting the original artist who created this DVD.




This complete course starts with a bonus beginner section to insure that any guitarist at any level can use this video. It quickly progresses to intermediate then advanced levels of playing.


...pure playing with basic scales and also tons of cool exotic scales that intermediate and advanced players will really enjoy ...tons of cool guitar techniques ...a rare resource that you'll use far more than you might anticipate. --Guitar Digest Magazine


For beginner to expert... every position on the guitar and all the ways to use them to create music. --Music Connection Magazine


...combines instruction and exercises for mastering all types of scales on the guitar. --Teaching Music Magazine

First begin with universal shapes found in every key of music to expertly play scales and leads on the entire fretboard. Don t worry about memorizing these positions! Memory will come naturally when Marko Coconut demonstrates how to use these scales musically. Tasty licks, tricks and techniques like hammer ons, pull offs, picking patterns, vibrato, string bending, two hand tapping. Plus techniques exclusive to electric guitar including tremolo bar, string bending, and electronic control tricks. In addition you ll learn a ton of applications to make your lead guitar and melody lines stand out, and make learning your favorite songs a breeze: increment patterns, string skipping, double note patterns (harmony), two handed tapping, harmonics. All of this and more is introduced in a song context, giving thorough examples of how these scales, techniques and applications can be used with chords and song structure.

To wrap up this amazing instructional DVD, Mark teaches you all of the modes, key changes, plus 50 exotic and cultural scales all on the entire fretboard!

You ll be amazed at how expertly Mark John Sternal has simplified the art of understanding and using the guitar fretboard.

New Features Include
- Pick and fretboard hand close ups
- Note charts in addition to traditional notation and TAB
- Music and song examples
- Two speed examples (slow and fast, progressively increased)
- Bonus beginner section
- Ascending and descending scales, techniques and applications
- Examples for all popular styles of music: Rock, Jazz, Blues, Country, Metal

GUITAR: Total Scales, Techniques and Applications Disc Only

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